Learning is meant for the real world, and New York University students benefit from an exceptional combination of scholarship and real-world application. Our New York campus is not walled but is woven intentionally into the fabric of the city. ?

NYU is a truly urban institution, enriched by the world's crossroads, connected not only by the city's wealth of opportunity but to a global network of scholars and innovators that reach beyond the expected to achieve the extraordinary.

What makes NYU a unique place to learn?
Several NYU students sitting in Washington Square Park.

Your Fellow Students
NYU graduate students come from every U.S. state and over 130 countries. Whether studying, conducting research, sharpening your professional acumen, or building your network, you will be surrounded by scholars and peers who will enlighten and challenge you. No matter where you head on your journey after graduation, your fellow students could be your colleagues for life.

A Professor, in front of a class, writing on a chalkboard

Your Professors
Beyond the honors and accolades they've received (four Nobel and Crafoord Prizes, five Pulitzer Prizes, eleven MacArthurs, and dozens of Guggenheims, just to name a few), NYU faculty members are ideal graduate teachers and advisors. There's no better instructor and mentor to engage and challenge you academically while connecting you to the "real world" of your field.

A student in a NYU graduation cap and gown at Washington Square Park.

Your Alumni
NYU's vast network of more than 500,000 alumni spreads throughout more than 180 countries. Among them stand countless leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries with a NYU education and global outlook. Many graduates who came before you have already built connections in business, government, academia, and the arts, and they appreciate the connection that you share.

Schools and Colleges

Ready to pursue your graduate studies? At the graduate level, each NYU school has its own, separate admissions process, such as application requirements and deadlines. For expert answers to questions about specific graduate programs,?contact the schools' admissions offices below:

Highlighted Centers and Institutes